Wormholes is a new animated science fiction series for children created by Mike Greaney and developed by Mike Greaney, Marc Gallagher and Pennie Brown, with assistance from Film Victoria.


Wormholes is a series of 52 x 11 minute animated comedy episodes aimed at children aged 8-12 years. 

Cate Klinger, an energetic go-getter and natural born leader, and Curtis Klinger, her quiet, scientifically minded older brother live in Kingsford Bluffs, a small Earth town at the centre point of a huge network of wormholes, which makes it the number one stop-over point for aliens crossing the galaxy!

Each episode, the kids, along with their guardian, a 40,000 year old space crustacean named Shrimps, are embroiled in sci-fi shenanigans: helping settle new alien arrivals, playing with extreme extraterrestrial technology, and following the trail of all of the unexplained events and wormholes that occur in Kingsford Bluffs.

Watch the Trailer Below!