Wormholes is a new animated science fiction series for children created by Mike Greaney and developed by Mike Greaney, Marc Gallagher and Pennie Brown, with assistance from Film Victoria.


Cate Klinger

 What learned folk refer to as ‘a natural born leader’ Cate is the driving force of enthusiasm and focus in the group. An innate ability to motivate, coupled with her disarming wit, has seen both her influence and social network grow throughout the small town.

Driven by a strong desire to emulate her father Neil Klinger, the world renowned space adventurer, Cate can often find the strength to persevere even when the odds are stacked impossibly against her. This is where she is best utilised. Her strong sense of moral justice and a deep seated yearning for intergalactic equality will always see Cate pull the team together with a butt-kicking speech that will save the day.


CUrtis Klinger

Being the older sibling, Curtis has the weight of responsibility resting firmly on his shoulders, a weight that is only magnified by the ongoing absence of the Klinger parents. Due to this, he prefers to spend his time quietly tinkering on his machines and attempting to decipher the mysteries of Kingsford Bluff’s wormhole phenomenon, in a hope that he and Cate can join their parents on their next interstellar adventure.

Perpetually curious, Curtis has a knack for understanding the conceptual mechanics of things. Despite his trepidations and calculations, Curtis is very easily swayed into an adventure and when he is on your side you can bet that he will figure out the magicformula to get you out of a jam.



Entrusted with the safety of Cate and Curtis whenever the Klinger parents leave on an expedition, Shrimps is one part protector and one part co-conspirator. Aloof, lazy, with a penchant for rambling to himself, he can come off as quite peculiar – not to mention he’s a giant Space-shrimp.

Having spent large portions of his life as an intergalactic drifter, he isn’t tied down by conventional adult responsibilities. However, his love for the kids and the Klinger family has seen him mature and begin to plant roots in Kingsford Bluffs. Being 40,000 years old (that’s about 35 in shrimp years), Shrimps has had a multitude of jobs though out the universe, including: space-cop, chef, and kids party clown, and he’s a veritable encyclopaedia when it comes to information about the great beyond, which makes him the perfect companion for two budding adventurers.


Agent TOwnshend

Working as head of a government funded bureaucracy responsible for the policing of the extra-terrestrials that use Kingsford Bluffs as a stopover point, or a potential future home, Special Agent Phil Townshend takes his job very, very seriously. Overzealous and by-the-book, Townshend makes himself a constant antagonist of our heroes, appearing as often as possible on the scene of wormhole incidents with a pile of bureaucratic paperwork and an unhinged alien-phobic attitude.